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Tree of Life Quartz Pendulum


Beautiful Quartz Tree of Life Pendulum, handcrafted with attention to detail for all your divination needs. This gorgeous pendulum features a Clear Quartz crystal, known for its powerful energy and clarity-boosting properties. The addition of Moss Agate beads adds a touch of earthy energy, while the tree of life charm represents growth, strength, and connection to the universe. Each pendulum is carefully crafted using the electroformed copper technique to ensure durability and a unique, one-of-a-kind design. Whether you're new to divination or an experienced practitioner, our Quartz Tree of Life Pendulum is the perfect tool to aid in your spiritual journey.


The use of pendulums is a form of divination, answering simple yes or no questions based on your personal vibrations. It is easy to start, as you only need the pendulum itself.


►►►  U S I N G     Y O U R     P E N D U L U M  ◄◄◄

To attune your pendulum to your energy, hold it over your non-dominant hand and ask to be shown your "yes," then ask to be shown your "no." Note the direction of movement for each answer, so you are oriented to the responses from your pendulum. Then ask questions which you know the answers to (like your name), and check the accuracy. You may need to work with your pendulum a while to attune it and build your confidence with using it. The more often you work with your pendulum, the more accurate your readings will become.

Quartz Tree of Life Pendulum

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