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  • Will the copper turn my finger green?
    Oxidation and skin discoloration is a known issue with wearing copper jewelry, which is reflective of the reactive properties of copper and not of poor-quality jewelry. Skin greening is a normal reaction that happens when the copper comes in close contact with your skin. For some wearers this reaction may happen faster than it does for others. Many factors will play into this such as the PH balance of your skin, how much you sweat, also lotions that you may wear. The greening will not hurt you and can be kept at bay by washing your hands and drying the ring thoroughly but over exposure to water will wear the patina off of the copper resulting in a brighter finish. I do seal all of my rings but the sealer only lasts for so long because of the wear that rings get. You can recoat the inside of the ring with a clear nail polish or varnish to help with the greening.
  • How can I care for my Jewelry?
    I recommend storing your copper jewelry in a dry dust free space. A humid bathroom is not ideal for copper jewelry. Intricate pendants should not need polishing because I do seal them and they don't get tons of wear against the skin. Also be careful of dropping pieces with stones in them because they are made of organic material and can break or crack. **Do not expose copper jewelry to water or any type of solvent. Washing your hands occasionally while wearing a ring is ok, just be sure to dry it well. Over exposure to water will wear the patina (darkness) off of the metal resulting in a brighter copper finish. **Do not wear copper jewelry while swimming. Chlorine and salt can permanently damage copper. **Do not wear copper jewelry while applying cosmetics, skin lotions, creams and sanitizers. **Remove jewelry before bed to prevent breakage. **Keep the copper clean and dry as much as possible. Wipe down with a soft cloth and store in a dry place after wearing. **Patinas that have darkened too much on rings and chains can be gently cleaned up with a jewelry polishing cloth. **Open style rings and cuff bracelets are not adjustable and should not be bent in an attempt to resize. It will result in a break or crack of the metal. This is due to the way the metal forms while Electroforming.
  • Are they dipped in copper?
    This is a very common question and the answer is no. They are not dipped it copper but they are put through a process called electroforming. Electroforming is the intricate process of forming copper around another medium such as crystals, twigs, leaves and bugs with a low voltage electrical charge. The piece that is being formed with copper is coated with a conductive paint and suspended in an electrolytic solution of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate. The anode (copper pipe) in the tank is positively charged to break down the copper into small particles that swim around in the solution and are attracted to the piece that is forming which is negatively charge by the cathode. The copper slowly builds and forms itself around the piece that is being created.
  • Are any animals harmed?
    I've never actually been asked this question but I just wanted to put it out there. I do not harm any bugs or animals for my artwork. All of the bugs, bones, and small animals parts that I use are naturally found in nature. Many of the bugs that I use are found for me by other people and are already dead. My kids love to bring me all sorts of odd things that they find in the summer time. I like to use many of these things because I sort of feel like im giving them new life and immortalizing them forever.
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