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Mystic Topaz Solitarie Ring - Size 6 1/2


Handcrafted copper jewelry made by me at home in my studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Sustainably harvested and crafted into fashionable heirloom quality jewelry.


This gorgeous faceted Mystic Topaz ring with a dainty band is giving off major unicorn vibes. Made with a Mystic Topaz crystal and natural copper. The coloration of this stone changes depending on lighting. Mostly shades of purple and blue but with flashes of green and yellow. It is a very comfortable ring and the stone doesn't sit too high. This gemstone ring would also make for an amazing gift. 


Made through a process of electroforming with copper for 16 hours. The copper is hand aged with a rich vintage patina to pull out some of the details. The copper has been sealed to help preserve the finish. 


To further preserve the finish, I recommend that you don't submerge it in water for long periods of time. This would include things like showering, swimming and washing dishes. It is ok to wash your hands, just make sure to dry the ring well. Too many chemicals or water can cause the copper to wear down and weaken until it eventually breaks.


The sealer is also supposed to help with protecting your finger from turning green but in my experience I have found that my finger will turn green when my hands are sweaty or if i wear it while sleeping. The green will not hurt you and can easily be washed off with soap and water.

Everyone reacts differently with copper and some people don't turn green at all. Many people don't mind the green because of the healing properties you receive from the copper.



Mystic Topaz Properties:


Staying true to its purpose, this stone is about bringing out the “shiny” aspects of your personality. No matter how much darkness you’re wading through, some believe that Mystic Topaz exudes brilliance at every turn. It blasts you with a wave of healing energy that encourages you to live life to the fullest!

Its healing properties bring out your most optimistic and jovial traits to help you bury the pain and move on from emotional turmoil. Mystic Topaz doesn’t force you to forget life lessons or turn a blind eye to pain. But it does give you the strength to carry on.

The meaning of Mystic Topaz is often connected to the concepts of light, hope, and peace.


Throughout history, humans revered Topaz for its beauty. It had a connection to sun gods like Ra and Helios, making it a tool for religious and cultural practices. Of course, many rulers and noblemen used it to adorn their jewelry and clothing, too.

Standard Topaz can come in many hues, but it’s typically colorless and transparent. So, how can Mystic Topaz have the signature multi-colored look? We have modern science to thank for that!

Around 1998, scientists used a technique called Chemical Vapors Disposition, or CVD, to apply a thin film of titanium over clear Topaz. The results were the gorgeous Mystic Topaz we know today! It didn’t take long for healer and crystal collectors to make this stone one sought-after beauty due to its meaning and properties


Mystic Topaz Solitarie Ring / Size 6 1/2

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