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Jade Moth Pendant


Infuse nature's charm into your style with the Jade Moth Pendant from Mud Lake Metals. This handcrafted treasure features a real moth, beautifully preserved through the electroforming process, encased in lustrous copper. Adorned with a stunning Jade dangle, each pendant is a one-of-a-kind piece, meticulously made in my home studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Elevate your jewelry collection with this unique, handmade work of art, and embrace the beauty of nature in every wear.


Comes on a long 26 inch antiqued copper chain with a lobster clasp.

Pendant measures 2 1/4 inches tall with the crystal dangle.



Properties of Jade:


In astrology, jade makes an excellent spiritual companion for the Aries sign because its helps reign in their impulsive behavior with a balancing effect on the emotions. For the imaginative and sensitive Pisces, jade keeps their hopes and dreams alive by resonating with the healing rhythm of the earth and its gift of lush, jade-colored greenery in the forests and jungles.

While all crystals promote harmony between the mind, body and spirit, the Jade crystal is a superstar in the world of crystal healing thanks to its powerful connection to the heart chakra and its varying degrees of intense, piercing shades of green. When it comes to bringing prosperity and abundance into your life, the Jade crystal stone is the ultimate good luck charm.

Jade Moth Pendant

SKU: 3-652