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Frog Sun Catcher


Handcrafted copper art made by me at home in my studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Sustainably harvested and crafted into fashionable heirloom quality works of art.


This stunning Frog Sun Catcher is perfect for adding a touch of nature to any room. Made with a real frog, this unique piece is truly one of a kind. The sun catcher features Blue Apatite, a stone known for its calming and soothing energy, as well as shells and leaves to add to its water vibes. This piece is handmade and carefully crafted to provide a beautiful and calming addition to your decor.


 The process of building one of these takes about 10 days from start to finish. The copper is given a nice vintage patina to pull out all of the little details and then it is sealed to help preserve the finish.


I love to hang my sun catchers in an east facing window to catch the sun as it rises in the morning.  The crystals hanging below will catch the light and spray rainbows across the room. 


From top to bottom the sun catcher measures about 10 inches long and is about 2 1/2 inches wide.

A piece of leather is attached to the top for hanging purpouses which is not included in the measurement.  



Properties of Blue Apatite:


Blue Apatite is a dual-action stone, known for its use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away confusion, apathy, and negativity. This healing gem stimulates the intellect to expand our knowledge and gain an understanding of truth, gifts which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good.

Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian outlook and service to others.

Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual stone that offers a cleansing influence to the aura, especially in the mental body, the vibratory level associated with psychic perception and paranormal abilities. It is a particularly strong stone to use in past-life or alternate-life work, because of its ability to access the energy levels where the Akashic records and our individual soul patterns exist.

It is excellent as a dream stone for creative problem solving, and for vertical vision, where it is possible to see multiple levels of consciousness operating harmoniously.

Blue Apatite opens, activates, and heals the Third Eye Chakra. It is associated with the thoughtful organization of Capricorn, the duality of Gemini, and the emotional flow of Pisces.

Frog Sun Catcher

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