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Ametrine Twig Pendant


Handcrafted copper jewelry made by me at home in my studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Sustainably harvested and crafted into fashionable heirloom quality jewelry.


Looking for a stylish piece of crystal jewelry? Look no further than this stunning Ametrine Twig Pendant! Electroformed with copper for a unique and modern twist, this nature inspired pendant is sure to make a statement. The combination of amethyst and citrine in the Ametrine crystal creates a beautiful and dynamic piece that you'll love wearing.

Made through a process of electroforming with copper for 16 hours. The copper is given a nice vintage patina and then sealed to help preserve the finish. The crystal is exposed on both sides.


Comes on a 24in antiqued copper chain with a lobster clasp.


The crystal is 1 1/4 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide



Properties of Ametrine:


There are many meanings that we can associate with the Ametrine gemstones. These include inner strength and harmony; the stone’s ability to help us deal with emotional instability and stress; as well as its Yin and Yang energies, bringing balance to the mind of those who wear this gemstone. It should also go without mentioning that Ametrine inspires creativity and vitality. 

When it comes to the uses of the ametrine gemstone, if you want to get the benefits of two stones in one, then the Ametrine gemstone is for you. 

One half of this stone’s benefits derive from Citrine, which helps its wearers manifest desires. The issue with just wearing a Citrine though is that you have to know what you desire in order to manifest it, and that’s where Amethyst comes in - the second half of Ametrine! The Amethyst gemstone inspires our imagination and expands our minds. 

Therefore, an Ametrine gemstone can help you both think up wonderful ideas, and also manifest them into reality. How’s that for one stone?!

The ametrine gemstone helps you maintain emotional self-control, helping you evaluate and work through emotional situations in an optimistic manner. Some key areas where ametrine helps in this regard include overcoming contradictions, as well as staying true to yourself and not being easily swayed by other people. 

Being a combination of two potent crystals, Ametrine can stimulate several chakras at once. Thanks to its purple amethyst energies, the ametrine gemstone can bring balance to and cleanse your crown chakra. Meanwhile, the yellow citrine energies of the ametrine gemstone help to open, energize and activate your solar plexus chakra.

Ametrine Twig Pendant

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