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Handcrafted copper jewelry made by me at home in my studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Sustainably harvested and crafted into fashionable heirloom quality jewelry.


This nature inspired crystal pendant is stunning! It's made with real twigs, leaves, a rare Maligano Jasper stone, Clear Quartz and natural copper. I carefully constructed around the stone and left it open on the back. Created through a process called electrofoming, this is where you form natural copper over organic materials. The copper is then given a nice vintage patina to pull out the details and then sealed the help preserve the finish. With how large this piece is it's not super heavy. 


Comes on a longer 24 inch antiqued copper chain with a lobster clasp.

Pendant is aproximatley 3 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/4 inches wide.



Properties of Maligano Jasper:


Maligano Jasper is the name given to a recently discovered brecciated Jasper variety that was found in Indonesia around 2011-2012. A limited amount of this is pulled out of the ground making it a rare stone.

Maligano Jasper helps one shed layers within themselves that no longer serve them. it transforms our spirit from within and provides an aura that can closely resemble a “rebirth” effect. This pushes one to not only continue shedding layers of themselves, but also to begin questioning their surroundings and interactions daily. As you continue working with Maligano Jasper and going through the powerful transformation it brings about, one will also begin to loosen their minor obsessions with invaluable things. This will soon allow one to realize first hand one of life's most important lessons; happiness can only begin from within, and will only extend as far as you allow it to.

The Quartz points paired with the Maligano Jasper will intensify the properties of the Jasper stone.


Copper Properties:


Copper is a powerful conductor of energy. It magnifies energy transfers, meaning the wearer can soak up every ounce of healing when paired with crystals and other minerals. Copper builds a bridge between the physical and spiritual. With it being a conductor, it can aid in channeling higher beings and astral bodies to those who are ready to receive. Copper is grounding and helps to balance the chakras and keep circulation in flow. This metal is well known to reduce aches, pains and stiff joints commonly associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Copper can also help with collagen production!

Maligano Jasper Nature Pendant

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