Lithium Quartz Pendant


Handcrafted copper jewelry made by me at home in my studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Sustainably harvested and crafted into fashionable heirloom quality jewelry.


Simple Lithium Quartz pendant made with a raw lithium Quartz crystal and natural copper. This piece was carefully electroformed with copper and then given a nice vintage patina. The copper has been sealed to help preserve the finish. The warm pink hue of this crystal goes really well with the copper.


Comes on a dainty 19 inch antiqued copper ball chain.

The crystal is about a 1 inch tall and 1/2 inch wide. 


Lithium Quartz Properties:


Lithium Quartz is a gentle but very powerful crystal. It will make you relax without robbing you of the strength you need to function properly. It can give you the right kind of balance when you’re feeling sick or stressed out but still need to perform at your best. This crystal can help eliminate your anxieties, worries, and stress. It will dispel your fears, and it will lift you out of your depression. Any thought or feeling that’s not making you stronger or braver than you are will be eliminated by this crystal.

Lithium Quartz Pendant

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