Labradorite Twig Pendant


Handcrafted copper jewelry made by me at home in my studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Sustainably harvested and crafted into fashionable heirloom quality jewelry.


Beautiful nature inspired Labradorite Pendant made with real twigs, dried flowers and natural copper. This handmade necklace is made through a process called electrofoming and the pendant is electroformed with copper for 48 hours. A nice vintage patina is added to pull out the details of the twigs and flowers and to darken the copper. The copper has been sealed to help preserve the finish.


This one comes on a long 28 inch antiqued copper chain with a lobster clasp.

The pendant itself is about 1 inch wide and 2 1/2 inches tall.


Properties of Labradorite:


Labradorite was believed to have fallen from the Northern Lights above because of the beautiful flashes of color that you see just beneath the surface of the stone. Labradorite can illuminate your sense of wonder and tune you into spirit, nature and the natural rhythm of things. Labradorite helps you to focus on yourself and working on things within. Helps to awaken your inner consciousness.

Labradorite Nature Pendant

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