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Black Kyanite Broomstick Necklace


Handcrafted copper jewelry made by me at home in my studio from the finest raw materials that mother nature has to offer. Sustainably harvested and crafted into fashionable heirloom quality jewelry.


I am in love with these witchy little broomstick necklaces! They are carefully crafted with thorny rose stems, tiny leaves and raw Black Kyanite stones! Perfect for the Halloween season and all your witchy friends. Black Kyanite is also an amazing protection stone especially for those who tend to pick up a lot of negative energy from other people.


Comes on a long 24 inch antiqued copper chain with a lobster clasp. 


You want to be cautious of banging this stone against anything because it is a brittle stone and can flake off or break.


The broomsticks measure between 3 3/4 and 5 inches long



Properties of Black Kyanite:


Slice through negative emotions and toxic ties with the energy of Black Kyanite. Some say the blade of protector Archangel Michael’s sword was made of Kyanite. Why? Because you don’t mess with this crystal. All shades of Kyanite, whether they’re blue, green or black, are considered strong conductors of metaphysical work. Black Kyanite properties are said to protect your energy field from people who feast on your positive vibrations, but offer nothing in return.


Sometimes, the energy we need to disconnect with, is coming from within. Connecting with the black kyanite meaning when your own energy is depleted, forces you to evaluate the situation. Once you know where your negative thoughts or feelings are stemming from, you can release that negativity and raise your vibrational frequency with black kyanite. This black kyanite crystal works with all the chakras to bring your energy field back into alignment. When placed upon your seven chakras, it directs its healing energy to repair any tears or holes. Black Kyanite clears out imbalances and energy blocks to restore a positive flow of energy throughout your body. Nourish your spirit and energy field, and fill yourself with pure, vibrant cleansed energy.

Black Kyanite Broomstick Necklace